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From Friday June 21
Many organizations and companies are great at what they do – providing a stellar product or service – but they don’t know how to effectively get the word out.

That’s where J Campbell Social Marketing comes in! They are a full-service marketing, PR and social media agency serving nonprofits and businesses on the North Shore of MA and beyond.

Julia Campbell, President/CEO, received her degree in Journalism & Communications from Boston University and earned a Master in Public Administration from Old Dominion University as well as a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Tidewater Community College.

A Beverly native, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a mom of 1 and a social media marketing enthusiast, Julia helps nonprofits and small businesses maximize their impact and accomplish their missions by effectively harnessing the power and potential of online marketing and social media tools.

Julia has been featured on Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, Forbes and The Glass Heel.

To hear the show click on the image.

Her website isjcsocialmarketing.com/
From Friday June 14
It is clear that no matter where you look United States, Greece, Africa or Spain, the current systems are not working in terms of providing jobs, access to quality services such as health and education or stable environment. The way forward requires new paradigms that harness collective solutions and maximize the strengths of different sectors – non-profits, social enterprises, corporations and governments and other entities– are required to address the complex problems faced by the world today. In EXPANDING THE PIE, Susan Rae Ross offers new approaches that can be beneficial to businesses as well as society, thus, expanding the pie for everyone.

Susan Rae Ross is the founder and CEO of SR International, a private consulting company that provides corporations, nonprofits and government agencies with strategies and tools to actively manage their stakeholder engagement processes and facilitates successful partnerships across traditional sectors.
To hear the show audio click on image
Her websites are http://www.expandingthepie.net/
From Friday June 7th
What if you could sit down with 25 successful nonprofit consultants and ask them what makes their businesses tick?

In The Nonprofit Consulting Playbook: Winning Strategies from 25 Leaders in the Field, Susan Schaefer and Linda Lysakowski have compiled a first-of-its-kind insight into the everyday lives of consultants to the nonprofit sector. This collection of firsthand articles takes the reader on a journey that spans a consultant’s professional life—from the decisions that formed the business to a detailed set of options for winding it down.

Susan Schaefer is a consultant, writer and speaker who is passionate about the nonprofit sector. Her practical approach to fundraising and board development has made her a frequent presenter at conferences and in classrooms. She founded Resource Partners LLC in 2001 with a mission to help nonprofits excel. Her work with executives, development staff and boards has empowered dozens of organizations to reach and surpass their financial goals.

Linda is one of fewer than 100 professionals worldwide to hold the Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive designation. In her twenty years as a philanthropic consultant, Linda has managed capital campaigns, helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations achieve their development goals, and trained more than 25,000 development professionals in Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Bermuda, and most of  the 50 United States. To hear show click on image.

Susan's website is http://www.resourcepartnersonline.com/
Linda's website is www.lindalysakowski.com/
CharityChannel's website is  http://charitychannel.com/bookstore and charitychannel.com/
From Friday May 31
Stephen Nill founded CharityChannel in 1992 as a means of connecting his nonprofit hospital chain's fund development staff over the Internet to their colleagues at other organizations. That first discussion community grew into what is today the oldest and largest community of third-sector professionals in the world, comprised of well over 150,000 participants worldwide.

CharityChannel Press is the publishing arm of CharityChannel. Many of the sector’s most experienced, knowledgeable practitioners are part of the CharityChannel professional community. Because of its unique role in the nonprofit sector, CharityChannel Press enjoys a rich pool of prospective authors from which to draw. In addition, the CharityChannel professional community, consisting of tens of thousands of practitioners, forms a natural initial market for the books as does the greater third sector itself.  The website is  http://charitychannel.com/bookstore and charitychannel.com/
Linda's website is
To hear show audio click on image
From Friday May 24 David Bonbright is founder and Chief Executive of Keystone. Over the past three decades, as a grantmaker and manager with Aga Khan Foundation, Ford Foundation, Oak Foundation, and Ashoka, David has sought to evolve and test innovative approaches to strengthening citizen self-organization for sustainable development as an alternative to prevailing bureaucratic, top-down models of social service delivery and social value creation.

While with the Ford Foundation, he was declared persona non grata by the apartheid government in South Africa. In 1990 he returned to South Africa and entrepreneured the development of key building blocks for civil society, including the first nonprofit internet service provider, the national association of NGOs, the national association of grantmakers, and enabling reforms to the regulatory and tax framework for not-for-profit organisations that were among the first laws passed by the newly elected Mandela government.

Keystone's mission is to improve the effectiveness of social purpose organizations. We work with them to develop better ways of planning, measuring and reporting social change.

Keystone was set up to develop practical ways of doing these things, systematically, within complex organizations and networks. We particularly focus on 'constituency voice': finding better ways to listen to the people most involved in social change.

Keystone was founded in 2004 and is a registered charity in the UK, South Africa and the US. The website is www.keystoneaccountability.org/
From Friday May 17- Based on more than 15 years of experience in nonprofit communications and 15,000+ hours spent utilizing social and mobile media, Social Media for Social Good:
A How-To Guide for Nonprofits is a comprehensive 256-page hardcover book packed with more than 100 best practices covering Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 nonprofit communications and fundraising.

Launched by Heather Mansfield in 2006, DIOSA  Communications is a one-person company that specializes in social media and mobile technology webinars and trainings for nonprofit organizations. Heather's webinars and trainings offer practical how-to-advice and demonstrate live, in   real time, click-by-click best practices that Heather has learned from spending more than 40 hours a week on social media sites for the past seven years.

To hear show audio click on image.

Heather's websites are www.diosacommunications.com/
From Friday May 10 Many would have you believe that raising $1 million or more is complex, requires countless meetings, an outsized pool of prospects, and the costly aid of a consultant.Andrea Kihlstedt punctures that notion by showing that intelligent board members, volunteers, and staff have within them the skills and common sense to make it happen. Kihlstedt's 10 steps will and won't surprise you. If you have experience, you already know the importance of a campaign's infrastructure: the need to refine your case, identify the right chair, and adhere to the proven sequence of soliciting.

Andrea Kihlstedt is well known as a writer, coach and trainer in fundraising. Over the past 28 years, her clients have ranged from tiny start-up organizations to large national institutions. She has guided and goaded each of them to create the culture and context that will inspire people to ask.

To hear the show click on image.
Andrea's website is www.askingmatters.com/
From May 3rd Philanthropy has long been a distinctive feature of American culture, but its crucial role in the economic well-being of the nation--and the world--has remained largely unexplored. Why Philanthropy Matters takes an in-depth look at philanthropy as an underappreciated force in capitalism, measures its critical influence on the free-market system, and demonstrates how American philanthropy could serve as a model for the productive reinvestment of wealth in other countries. Factoring in philanthropic cycles that help balance the economy, Zoltan Acs offers a richer picture of capitalism, and a more accurate backdrop for considering policies that would promote the capitalist system for the good of all.

Zoltan J. Acs is University Professor at the School of Public Policy and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. He is coeditor and founder of Small Business Economics, the leading entrepreneurship and small business publication in the world. He is also a visiting professor at Imperial College Business School in London. His career has focused on the link between innovation and entrepreneurship in industries, cities, and worldwide. His webpage is
To hear the show click on image.
From April 25 Charity Navigator is America’s largest and most influential charity rater. We had over 6.2 million visits to our web site in 2012 alone and impact approximately $10 billion of charitable donations each year. This makes Charity Navigator far and away the largest and most utilized charity rating service that exists anywhere.

President and CEO, Ken Berger, joined Charity Navigator in 2008 after almost thirty years experience working in the charitable non-profit sector. He has held leadership positions at a variety of human service and health care agencies and has operated programs serving the homeless, the developmentally disabled, the mentally ill, substance abusers, the medically underserved, and persons with HIV/AIDS. He is the author of Ken's Commentary, a blog about his thoughts on the non-profit sector. The websites are www.charitynavigator.org/ and http://www.kenscommentary.org/ To hear show audio click on image
From April 19th Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson answers many questions about the reasons to give and how to give wisely in “Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich: A How-to Guide for Giving and Philanthropy”. Gitelson says her book will help readers clarify their priorities, choose charitable organizations wisely and become aware of how to make a real impact. From baby boomers to young entrepreneurs, there are numerous practical ideas for giving back, which not only help others, but also allow donors to feel better about themselves.

Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson has a bachelor’s from Barnard College and her master’s and doctorate from Columbia University. She has been president of International Consultants, Inc. and consults for international business, educational, cultural and other institutions.

 She is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World. Her website is http://www.dr-susan.org/. Click on image to hear show.
From April 12
Tr*be Cloth*ng Co. was started by two brothers who believed that they could take one good idea and use it to make the world a better place - that if someone would just take the time to search, they would find enough awesome recycled clothing to form a company whose sole purpose was to help those people in the world who are suffering and dying for lack of resources. So, they pulled together the few resources they had and with the help of their family formed tr*be in the spring of 2012. To hear the show audio click on image. The tr*be website is http://tribeclothes.com/
From Friday April 5
Panera Doesn't offer a Free Lunch- It Offers Caring.

Panera Cares community cafes are designed to help address the ever-worsening epidemic of food insecurity (hunger) in the U.S.  Consider this: according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), over 17 million U.S. households are considered food insecure. Simply put, for a significant number of Americans, putting food on the table is a struggle. 16 million kids – 1 in 5 – do not have enough to eat each day and lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis.

Kate Antonacci is Director of Societal Impact Initiatives at Panera Bread. The website is
To hear show click on image.
From Friday March 29th
Travel allows families to connect, businesses to enhance global commerce and travelers to expand their cultural perspectives. By delivering innovative travel technology, Sabre Holdings make the world a better place. “Better travel, better world” — that’s Sabre's corporate commitment.

Their annual global employee signature programs Travel for Good, Give Time Together, and Give Together are driven by their culture to give back to not only the communities in which we live and work but to meaningful causes about which they are passionate. As the first global travel technology company to sign the tourism Code of Conduct, Sabre is committed to initiatives that fight against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children, a US$32 billion trade affecting 161 countries worldwide. On Thursday, September 27, 2012, Sabre launched Passport to Freedom - so that together, they can help make our world a better place to live.

 Barbra Anderson is Director Global Corporate Responsibility for Sabre Holdings and has a long history of personal and family volunteerism from her youth, to family mission trips to Mexico, to a recent trip to Rwanda. To hear the show audio click on image.The website is  http://www.sabre.com/home/about/corporate_responsibility/
From Thurs March 28th
Project Athena is a non-profit foundation that encourages women who've endured life altering medical setbacks like breast cancer to unleash the "adventurer" within and complete the journey of a lifetime--whether that be to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, cross the finishline of an Ironman Triathlon, or fall into the arms of a proud family at the end of a local 5K. Project Athena provides coaching, equipment, travel expenses, entry fees, and, most importantly the encouragement and inspiration to help our amazing "Athenas" make that life affirming transition from Survivor to Athlete.

Founder, Robyn Benincasa, has made an art form of extreme performance by competing and winning at the highest levels of sport and business. In her fifteen-year career as a professional adventure racer, she has biked through jungles in Borneo, climbed Himalayan giants in Nepal, trekked across lava fields in Fiji, rafted rapids in Chile--and racked up multiple world championship titles along the way.

In "How Winning Works, " Benincasa shows you how to climb to new levels of professional and personal success. She shares the eight essential elements of teamwork, learned through her extreme adventure racing, that create synergy with all the teammates in your life, from colleagues and customers to family members and friends.

To hear interview click on image.
Robyn's websites are
From Friday March 22nd
It is never too early to plan your giving year. 
We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now we have #GivingTuesday™, the giving season’s opening day. On Tuesday December 3, 2013 charities, families, businesses and individuals are coming together to transform the way people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.

The idea for the campaign sprung from Henry Timms, deputy executive director of the Jewish community center 92nd Street Y, and Kathy Calvin, CEO of the United Nations Foundation.

New York’s 92nd Street Y has been the catalyst and incubator for #GivingTuesday, bringing the expertise of 139 years of community-management to the project, and providing #GivingTuesday a home.

Henry Timms has also been instrumental in producing the annual Social Good Summit, in partnership with Mashable and the UN Foundation, which has opened up the UN Week conversation to over 120,000 across the world. Earlier in his career, Henry oversaw corporate strategy for Arts & Business, one of HRH The Prince of Wales’ charities, and helped to launch the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. To hear the show audio click on image. The websites arewww.givingtuesday.org/

From Friday March 15  Dan Pallotta believes that virtually everything our society has been taught about charity is backwards.

He states that deny the social sector the ability to grow because of our short-sighted demand that it send every short-term dollar into direct services. Yet if the sector cannot grow, it can never match the scale of our great social problems. In the face of this dilemma, the sector has remained silent, defenseless, and disorganized. In Charity Case, Pallotta proposes a visionary solution: a Charity Defense Council to re-educate the public and give charities the freedom they need to solve our most pressing social issues.

Dan Pallotta is a builder of movements and
one of the original social entrepreneurs. He is the President and Chief Humanity Officer of Advertising for Humanity, a full service agency of ideas for the humanitarian sector. He is the founder of Pallotta TeamWorks, which invented the multi-day AIDSRides and Breast Cancer 3-Days and changed the fundamental paradigm for civic engagement in and fundraising for important social causes. To hear the show click HERE. Dan's websites are
From Friday March 1st

The CAFAmerica mission is to help North American donors create thoughtful and effective philanthropy throughout the world. Individuals, corporations, charities and their advisors rely on us to develop, manage, and monitor their philanthropy; from goals to grants, from research to results. Donors contact CAFAmerica with a foreign nonprofit in mind or to discuss their philanthropic vision. Foreign nonprofits contact CAFAmerica to become eligible to receive grants and improve their US fundraising potential.

The CAF International Network manages more than $4 billion of charitable funds worldwide and offers world-class expertise for global giving solutions.

As CEO, Ted Hart brings extensive experience in internet and global philanthropy to CAFAmerica. He has inspired the creation of People to People Fundraising, an online fundraising movement. He is also Founder of the international ePhilanthropy Foundation and has also taken a leadership role in helping nonprofits become more green by founding the greennonprofits.org movement. His most recent book is entitled Internet Management for Nonprofits. Click on image to hear the show. The website is http://www.cafamerica.org/
From Friday Feb 22nd

Clean the World Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization committed to reducing the waste created by discarded soap and shampoo products and preventing the millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses around the world.

Clean the World accomplishes its mission by collecting, recycling, and distributing discarded soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels from participating hospitality partners and distributes them for humanitarian purposes with partnering nonprofit organizations. Since inception, Clean the World has eliminated more than 1.4 million lbs. (700 tons) of hotel waste from polluting local landfills.

In January 2009, CEO, Shawn Seipler and Clean the World, co-Founder, Paul Till, began investigating how to recycle bar soap and what, if any, uses of recycled bar soap may exist. It was then that the purpose and cause of Clean the World was clearly defined and understood as the research led to two very deadly diseases, acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease. Click on image to hear the show. The website is http://www.cleantheworld.org/
From Friday Feb 15th Globus Family of Brand's charitable fundraising program, Get Out and Give Back, offers a life changing experience while supporting causes at the same time, breathing new life into philanthropic efforts through the wonderful world of travel. Participants come away with an inspirational travel experience and non-profit organizations comes away with up to 10% back. Globus has been offering hundreds of unique itineraries all over the world for more than 80 years.

Steve Born is vice president of marketing for Group Voyagers, the company that markets and sells the Globus family of brands (Avalon Waterways, Globus, Cosmos and Monograms) within the United States.
  Click to HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website. 
From Friday Jan 25th
Phi Delta Epsilon was founded over 100 years ago based upon the promotion of fostering and achieving bonding among physicians of high moral character devoted to education and philanthropy for a lifetime. These same ideals hold true today and are, in fact, the cornerstone of our membership education program. Our goal is to provide our new members with not only an education of what it is to be a Fraternity member, but also with information to strengthen their self esteem, to enhance their character, and to develop their leadership potential in the field of medicine.

Children's Miracle Network is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for 170 children's hospitals. Phi Delta Epsilon Chapters each raise at least $1000 for their local children's hospital and complete two service projects at the hospital each year.
Karen Katz is CEO of Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity. Click HERE to hear audio.

Click on image for website.  http://childrensmiraclenetworkho

From Friday Jan 18th
With over 43 million Boom-Generation Women at or nearing the age of retirement, the American population is reaching what has been described as the great wealth transfer, and with women outliving men, or choosing to live alone, the role of women in decisions concerning philanthropic dollars will be critical to the economic, political and moral fabric of our society. Women, Wealth & Giving discovers the transformative power of women's philanthropy.

Margaret May Damen is the founder and CEO of The Institute For Women and Wealth to nurture and empower women to fulfill abundantly, their wealth legacy. 
Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Jan 11th
Largely trained in the corporate world, “social investors” are using big-business-style strategies and expecting results and accountability to match. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, is leading the way: he has promised his entire fortune to finding a cure for the diseases that kill millions of children in the poorest countries in the world.

In Philanthrocapitalism, Matthew Bishop and Michael Green examine this new movement and its implications. Proceeding from interviews with some of the most powerful people on the planet—including Gates, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Bono, among others—they show how a web of wealthy, motivated donors has set out to change the world.
  Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website. The Economist website is http://www.economist.com/
From Friday Jan 4th

Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) was founded by CEO, Christopher Nowinski and Dr. Robert Cantu in reaction to new medical research indicating that brain trauma in sports had become a public health crisis. SLI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to solving the concussion crisis in sports and the military through medical research, treatment, and education and prevention.

In his book Head Games, Chris Nowinski tells his remarkable story - how a former Ivy League football player and WWE wrestler fought the NFL and turned his post-concussion syndrome into a successful crusade that has made concussions one of the most important public health issues of our time. The book was recently made into an award-winning documentary.

Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Dec 21st
As the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, the Feeding America network members supply food to more than 37 million Americans each year, including 14 million children and 3 million seniors. As a spokesperson for Feeding America, Ross Fraser has spent much of his time traveling and doing hands-on work in various soup kitchens and food pantries throughout the US. Ryan J. Munder is CEO of Feedback AV and CEO of Audio America.The philanthropic part of Feedback AV involves “feeding back” America. Already, Feedback AV has donated more than 100,000 meals to the charity. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Dec 14th
Newly elected President and CEO, Jacob Harold, provides a roadmap of Guidestar's future and it's strategic plan to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Dec 7th
 What we do know, that as long as there is one person, one life that is enslaved, we have a responsibility to stop the crime, love the victim and restore life. Co-founder Elizabeth Fisher will share Selah Freedom's story and tell us how they are tackling not only the issue of freeing modern slaves, but how to reintegrate them back into society so that they can live productive, healthy lives. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Nov 30 
Bruce Beckham-Tourism Cares: Preserving the Travel Experience for Future Generations. Travel and tourism professionals who appreciate and enjoy the wonderful treasures the world has to offer want to make sure these places are here for their grandchildren. That is why Tourism Cares exists - to preserve the travel experience for future generations. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Tuesday Nov 20th One Good Deed is the inspiring, smart, and frequently funny chronicle of a year when Erin tried to reclaim the better part of herself, with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and author of twenty books of trivia, history, children’s stories, and more. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Monday Nov 19th-Acclaimed author James Patterson talks about Literacy & Family Reading. 
From his James Patterson Pageturner Awards to his website ReadKiddoRead.com to his regular donations of thousands of books to troops overseas, Patterson is a lifelong champion of books and reading. He started writing books for kids and in 2008 launched his youth-focused website, when he noticed that his son, Jack, was lukewarm toward books. Patterson is now on a mission to make all children life-long readers. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
On Demand Audio
From Friday Nov 9th  For over two decades, CDS, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, has provided innovative, market-driven solutions utilizing a variety of methodologies to create sustainable economic development in over 80 countries on 5 continents.  Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Nov 2nd Author, Carol Weisman, provides a myriad of ways for us to be "Raising Charitable Children" by sharing the gifts of generosity, selflessness and compassion. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Oct 26th Andrew Watt-Celebrating The Impact of Giving. National Philanthropy Day®, November 15, acknowledges the entire spectrum of services provided by the nonprofit community and recognizes the profound impact that philanthropy has on the fabric of society. Each year The Association of Fundraising Professionals honors individuals and groups who, through their hard work and dedication, have enhanced philanthropy, their communities and the world. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Oct 5th Hear the account of Joan & Tom Wright’s trek to the top of Africa’s highest peak for Senai Global: Climb for a Purpose-a charitable climbing expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness to support efforts for safe water in Africa’s most impoverished communities.
And live from South Africa…..Drew Harding, founder of Senai Global. Senai is a non-profit organization that "connects people to purpose" by introducing business leaders and their families to high-impact projects in Africa.
Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Sept 28th- Sondra Shaw-Hardy, Martha Taylor & Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz- Women and Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World. Three pioneers and leaders of the women's philanthropy movement chronicle the astounding growth of women’s philanthropy and how it has “reinvented” fundraising.” Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for website.
From Friday Sept 21st-The link Between Giving & Profitability with author Sherre DeMao. Two CEO's whose company's, Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc. & iCore Networks, Inc., engage their entire employee force into the giving process and dedicate a percentage of overall profits in excess of six figures, as featured in 50 Marketing Secrets of Growth Companies in Down Economic Times. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for Sherre's website.
From Friday Sept 14th- Author & leading authority on social innovation & high-impact philanthropy-Leslie Crutchfield, tells us why we need to Do More Than Give. In good economic times or bad, Do More Than Give provides guidance for givers to increase the impact of their charitable resources and go beyond check-writing to help solve problems and change the world. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for Leslie's website.
From Friday Sept 7th-Recording Artist & Author-Taja Sevelle sprouts Urban Farming. The creation of urban gardens is providing an abundance of food for communities around the world. The organization has over 59,000 registered gardens in more than 40 cities, and continues to grow along with each garden it plants. Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image for Urban Farming's website.
From Friday Aug 24th- Life Turnaround Expert,  "Secret Millionaire" and author Steve Kaplan shares about his rise to success, his heart warming experience on the ABC hit show "Secret Millionaire", and his bestselling book "Be The Elephant". Click HERE to hear the audio
From Friday Aug 17th-Co-founded by Ron Sapp, Sharing Spree is a daily deals site that's dedicated to giving back to local non-profits and schools by donating 10-15% of every deal purchased. Click HERE to hear the audio, click on image for Sharing Spree's website.
From Friday Aug 3rd- Beth Gerstein & Eric Grossberg founders of Brilliant Earth: Ecologically and Socially Responsible Jewelry including diamonds that are free from all types of violence such as torture and rape committed by government militaries. Click HERE to hear audio, click on image for Brilliant Earth's website.
From Friday July 27th- Rodger Roeser of the Eisen Agency told us "How to Give Away Your Work to Grow Your Business: What Agencies and Non Profits Need to Know to be More Successful" Click HERE to hear audio, click on Rodger's image for The Eisen Agency's website.

From Friday July 20th- New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry, who, along with his wife, Elizabeth, has established an innovative foundation

that aides in the preservation of our American heritage, because "History Matters". Click HERE to hear show audio. Click on image for Steve's website.

From Friday July 13th- "SAVING GRACE" Michael Satterfield of Morgan & Phillips helps to Drive Away Cancer by supporting an inspirational cross-country journey by an abandoned car named "Grace". Click HERE to hear audio. Click on image below to go to M&P website.
From Friday, July 6th-Philanthropewhat? Ric Leutwyler of Philanthropegie was our guest on our inaugural Uncommon Giving Show. Click on Ric's image to hear the audio. Click HERE for website.