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Wings to Fly - Building life long self-esteem in young women
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Wings to Fly is a national, non-profit organization that promotes life long self-esteem in young women. Beginning with a fun, educational and inspirational one week educational camp, Wings to Fly focuses on the 4 building blocks of life: emotional, physical, spiritual and financial. 

By integrating inspiration, knowledge, research based resources and coaching into her daily life, a young woman can aspire with confidence and self respect to design the life she dreams and become a leader of tomorrow.

Being Wings

Who I am is only

determined by me.

Not by how I look. 

Not the clothes I wear.

Not my friends and not

the money either I or

my family has.

Who I am is who I

choose to be:

to myself, to my

friends, to my family,

and to the world that I

live in.

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