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One City Ministries
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A global impact in mind, One City Ministries was founded in 2008 with a focus on creating a sustainable community prototype in Uganda while sharing the message of God's love and His restorative powers.

Uganda has suffered under a string of violent regimes such as Idi Amin's. Civil war, rebel conflicts and the AIDS epidemic have hurt the region tremendously. Mbale, OCM’s chosen African base still faces huge issues. OCM’s main focus is on a 23 acre compound currently being constructed - the Light Village. The self-sustaining model community will feature a church, school, and orphanage.

Eventually, founders Mike and Deb Gilbert’s goal is to replicate the Light Village model in nations across Africa. The sustainable community plan, basic health principles, and commerce opportunities are a much-needed boon to the continent.

"We are building a new model of community that is sustainable."