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Fertility Institute of Hawaii
Fertility Institute of Hawaii
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The Fertility Institute of Hawaii was founded by Dr. John Frattarelli who is a world renowned expert in infertility and invitro fertilization with over 20 years experience treating infertile couples.

Dr. Frattarelli has participated in over 25,000 fertility treatment cycles resulting in over 10,000 babies. This makes Dr. Frattarelli one of the most experienced fertility physicians performing infertility treatments and IVF in Hawaii.

Since the Fertility Institute of Hawaii has some of the world's best success rates and offers all fertility treatments and technologies, they utilize to provide travel for patients on the neighboring Hawaiian Islands, mainland United States, Canada, England, Guam, Samoa, Philippines, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

"Our desire is to produce a pregnancy that will result in the birth of a normal child, using methods that optimize the utilization of your emotional, financial and physical resources."

Fertility Institute of Hawaii
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