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Build engagement and augment your fundraising with our Travel Partner Program and Click Travel Give
Imagine having more funding to build houses for the aging, to keep underprivileged kids off the street or to help a homeless person learn a skill or to help find a cure for childhood diabetes.   And what if you could do that simply by tapping into the traveling that is already done by your donors, your volunteers, your staff, your board members or the friends and family that already support your charity with their time, their talents and their treasures?

Our website provides a way for you to do just that.  By implementing our Travel Partner Program, we will provide you with a co-branded version of our robust travel website.  We provide full support to your travelers and contribute 5% of our revenues to your designated 501c3 charity. 

The process is simple and by this time next week you can be earning incremental donations to your favorite charity.  To get started, call us or click HERE.
STEP 1  We customize the Click Travel Give widget and build your custom site
Your web designer and marketing team integrate the widgets, linking your own site, which is customized with your branding.  
Click on image to see the live site.
STEP 2  Promote the program to your network
You have multiple options for how and where to promote the program, including your website, your blog, social media pages, e-newsletters and many others.
We provide a complete implementation guide to show you how to use the program to engage your supporters and donors.

From contract signing to implementation is 48 hours on average.

STEP 3  We give back a percentage of every booking
We give back a minimum of 5% of the net revenues we receive from each travel booking.  Payments are generally made quarterly, based on the travel completed in the previous quarter.

Your supporters and donors are able to book hotels, air, car rentals, cruises, attractions and packages around the globe.   The rates are competitive and we service your travelers 24x7.