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Frequently Asked Questions - TravelingtoGIVE

Rock the World provides customized travel websites for its clients.  We contribute 5% of our revenues to the charity of choice of our client.  Each site is customized with the logo of the charity that will benefit from the travel. 

If you are a member of a Travel Partner Program, the following frequently answered questions may help you better understand the service.
What can I book on the Traveling to Give site?
We provide booking services for hotels, air tickets, hotel/air packages and car rentals around the world. 

Do I still earn my frequent traveler points?
As long as you enter your frequent traveler number, you will still enjoy all of the benefits of your frequent traveler membership.  We transmit your number to the travel supplier.  Here is an example for an air booking:

Are the rates competitive?
We are backed up by one of the top travel companies in the world and leveraging their buying power, we have extremely competitive rates on hotels, air tickets and car rentals worldwide.

What if I need to make changes?
We offer support to travelers before, during and after your trip.  You have two options.  The first is Click to Chat.  This gives you the ability to conduct an online chat with a customer service person.  The second is Click to Call.  Just enter your phone number and whether you want to be called immediately or how long we should wait to call and a customer service person will call the number you provided.

Do I pay more to cover the donation to the charity that is mentioned on the site?
The donation is made out of the revenues of Rock the World Enterprises.  The traveler doesn't pay any more for their travel than they would on any other travel site.

What if my organization wants to have its own site?
Please contact Chicke Fitzgerald at 1-813-925-0789.